Anime Central (Acen) 2009 Photos

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Convention Photos

Just send me an email if you want me to send the full-size file. :]


Book Review: Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume

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When I first picked up Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume, by Elizabeth Friendship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some clothing construction books are only useful once or twice; others are the kind you keep on your shelf as a source to be referenced over and over, and after reading through Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume, I could tell that it was this kind.

Unlike books that teach you step by step how to make specific projects, Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume instructs readers on various techniques of drafting patterns that can be used on any project. It goes through ways to expand, decrease, and otherwise alter patterns, and also provides basic patterns for period costume. All of these skills can then be used to adjust patterns to fit any body size and shape. Friendship teaches in the hope that the reader can utilize these techniques on his or her own projects.

Another highlight of the book is its clear instructions and the diagrams used when explaining the various pattern drafting techniques. Many charts of measurements and ratios are provided and are useful to refer back to.

Also provided are the histories of the different types of garments (breeches, shirts, coats, etc.) and how they changed and evolved over time, helping to place them in the correct historical context. The book covers the clothing of men between the 16th and 19th centuries, including different classes and both fashionable and unfashionable clothing.

However, this book wasn’t written for complete beginners to sewing and costuming. Friendship assumes prior knowledge to these fields, and some terms are therefore left undefined. Also a little untidy is the presence of a few grammatical errors, though they don’t interfere with the clearness of the instructions and will no doubt be corrected in future editions of the book.

It is clear that Elizabeth Friendship is highly qualified to instruct on the subject of pattern cutting. It’s shown not only by her detailed directions but also by her impressive resume; she was head of Theatre Design at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for 25 years and has worked in many different types of productions. This experience is readily noticeable in Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume, and makes it a handy addition to any costumer’s library.

Pattern Cutting for Men’s Costume
Elizabeth Friendship
2008; Methuen Drama
ISBN 978-1408100066

Reviewer: Selina Zawacki


Special Deal on Shipping

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Right now, if you order more than one printed copy of any issue, you can save on shipping. :D Regular shipping is $1.99 per issue.

The sale is as follows:
2 printed copies: $2.99 shipping (save $1)
3 printed copies: $3.99 shipping (save $2)
4 printed copies: $4.99 shipping (save $3)
5+ printed copies: $5.99 shipping

(The final sale prices are only applicable to shipping inside the United States. Other countries still get the same discounts however.)


Issue 2 is Now Available!

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Finally, the wait is over! Issue 2 has finally completed printing.Issue 2 is Now Available!

I’m so sorry for the long wait everyone! Between A.P. classes at school and applying to college, the whole printing process got slowed down significantly. I hope this didn’t affect anyone and please forgive me if it did. :]

More information about Issue 2 can be found here, and it can be purchased here.


Preview: Issue 2

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Here’s a preview of what will be inside Issue 2 of Costume Maker Magazine. It is going through the process of printing right now, so hopefully it will be finished soon! Read on to see the contents..


History and Fantasy, From Head to Toe

Anastasia King: Our Contest Winner
by Kat Rich

Paper Dolls
Historical paper dolls with a sense of fashion & humor
by Lisa Perrin

How to Make Fabric Fairy Wings
by JoEllen

How to Put on Elf Ears
by Paul and Michael Beilaczye

Tipping Your own Corset Bones
by Samantha Lemieux

How to Make a Hand Flower
by Selina Zawacki

When Sunshine Wasn’t Fashionable
by Dina Kerik

by Contest Winners

Chainmail: European 1 into 4 Mail
by Dylon Whyte

Simple Cloak Making Guide
by Elandria Broughton-Sheard


Convention Coverage: Animazement’s Cosplay Scene: 2008
Brittney “Chiki” Fischer

Convention Coverage: Anime Central 2008
Deziree Larson


How to Style a Spiky Wig

How to Make a Keyblade
Ginger Anne

And more!

Here are a couple of sample pages :D


Printing for Issue 2 has Begun

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Issue 2 is currently going throught the process of printing! (The process being printing proofs and making corections until the final printing can begin.) Updates will be added when Issue 2 is almost finished printing and when it completely finished and ready to purchase. Thank you to everyone for all your support and patience!


Listing of Costume Shops (Add Yours!)

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Occasionally I receive emails through my Costume Maker Magazine email asking whether I can do commissions or help with making something for a costume. I think that people get confused and don’t take the time to find out this is actually a website for a magazine for costume makers, not a website of costume commissioners. xD Instead of telling them a few keywords that may aid them in a google search, I thought it’d be more helpful if there was a listing of costume shops I could refer them to.

I made a page just for that, with a nifty table telling if a shop does props/commissions/etc and what type of shop it is. It can be found under the “Resource” tab on our site or through this link. :D Shops that sell costume/sewing supplies can be listed as well (such as corset boning, patterns, etc).


Get Notified When a New Issue Comes Out!

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Here’s our new mailing list for people who want to know exactly when Issue 2 (and future issues) are available to purchase! No newsletters or any other emails besides the issue notifications will be sent to those who join this mailing list. :)

Issue 2 is going to be sent to the printer around the first or second week of September this year, so it’s not that far off!

I hope this is helpful!

Once you enter your name and email, you’ll need to confirm your subscription to the list by checking your email and clicking on the link provided.

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New Features and Updates

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Have you seen the User Profiles lately? They’ve finally got all the features I mentioned it the Website v3! update, plus a few more!

User Profiles now contain:

-User picture, Information and About section in the top section
-Most recent blog entry
-Most recently submitted costumes
-The ability for other users to comment on any other user’s profile

You can see an example of all of these in action here :D

I’m still trying to change it so that a user’s profile url will be somthing like “costumemakermagazine.com/username” instead of “costumemakermagazine.com/user/#”, but that may take a whil yet. :3

To edit your profile information, just go to your account (the quickest way is to click “My account” in the right hand navigation bar) and click the tab in the top-left that says “User Profile.” I hope everyone enjoys the new features!

In other News

The deadline for the Contest (August 1st) is soon approaching, and most likely will not be extended. Makes sure to get your entries in before it’s too late!

Content for the magazine and advertisers are very appreciated and are still being accepted as of now. More information can be found at the respective links!

That’s it for now. Thanks for being so patient with the website!


Website v3!

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I have worked long and hard so far this summer, and here’s the result; a revamped version of CostumeMakerMagazine.com!

Here are a few of the new features..

-Completely new Gallery (this one took awhile x3)

One new feature of the gallery is that you can add mutiple images to one costume (one main image and as many “other view” images you need). Many art sites don’t have this feature,probably because 2-d art doesn’t need more than one view..

The new gallery also has a new layout of organization that I think is much cleaner (I’m hoping to add borders and such to it soon as well).

I did manage to lose some of the original costumes submitted to the old gallery. I tried to fix as many as I could, but there were a few left where I couldn’t match pictures to users. Sorry!

Oh, and if you get an error when you try to upload an image, it will still upload anyway. I have to find a way to remove that error..

-The ability for column/article/tutorial writers to submit their own pages and update whenever they want

I’m really happy with this one!

-Easier navagation with the drop-down menus on the top of the page

Of course, I’ll still be constantly fixing little things here and there, but the core of the site is finally almost what I want. xD I’m still working on new user profile layouts with a user’s submitted costumes and some other stuff on the page.

Here’s a preview of what I’m hoping the user profile will look like eventually..

I hope everybody enjoys the new site, and please let me know what you think! ^^