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Review by Marie Cooley’s Fitting Room (can be found here).

Costume Maker Magazine  Issue #2  March 2009

This is the brain child of Selina Zawacki – and is remarkable, first, because of her age – she started this project at age 15 in 2007 – and secondly, because she has succeeded where so many have failed.  My bookshelves are littered with 1st issues of Costume and vintage fashion themed magazines that died before a second issue.

Selina has produced a slick and professional looking magazine geared toward cosplay and fantasy costumers.  The articles are  mostly on “how to” subjects – not too simplistic, not too advanced.   Subjects include: making fairy wings, chainmail, a simple cloak, and tipping your own corset bones.  (yea!  good information for corset makers  that encourages the use of ‘real’ materials – that will give you good results.  Brava! )   It also showcases costumer’s work through contests.  And – there are paper dolls…..I love paper dolls!

Go to the web page and buy the magazine – support this girl in her endeavor – I truly admire someone that focused and passionate about subject – I’m sure we have not heard the last from her.


Hello Selina!
I received the magazine a few weeks ago – it arrived almost immediately after I ordered it.  Thank you very much for producing it and even including me in one of the interviews! (I am Icequeenserenity from DeviantArt from the cosplay article.  I still need to remind Ginger/Rikusworld to buy a copy for herself. ^_^) I showed it to my mother and I believe that she wants to write or email you to thank you too; she was very impressed that you started a professional magazine at such a young age!  You did a really wonderful job.

Thanks again,

~Michela (Icequeenserenity from DeviantArt)

Finally getting around to this…I am really impressed with your first issue! I really enjoyed all you had in it and am looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work!!!


I’ve been re-reading the magazine (PDF) that i ordered several weeks ago, and realized that i hadn’t commented as of yet. Therefore…

I, for one, am truly impressed with the quality of the magazine. The photos are clear, the typefaces crisp and easy to read — and all the information is truly useful and cognizant of the fact that the reader may not have all the knowledge necessary to create such stunning costumery. (I hope that’s a word… Grin!) Well done! Huzzah!



Awesome magazine! Was shipped promptly. I can’t wait to get the next issue!


Excellent! My friend, a drama teacher, loved it, got lots of great ideas.


About two weeks ago, I was bemoaning the lack of costuming magazines – and then, like a miracle, I stumbled across this site! I instantly requested my premiere issue, and was blown away to discover the creator is only sixteen…wow, this magazine is professional by any standards, and is packed with helpful and informational articles.


Exciting and well-published magazine!