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Contest 2009: The Sky’s the Limit

Posted by lina


Submit any type of costume (cosplay, historical, original) that goes along with the theme “The Sky’s the Limit”. There are many ways to do this, from displaying the theme in the colors you choose to depicting it in the subject matter of the costume. If you feel a need to explain how your costume fits the theme, please feel free to do so. :]

How to Enter

1. Send an email to with:
-Your name (as much of it as you don’t mind being printed)
-Your Country and State (if it applies)
-Name of the Costume
-A short description about the costume(optional)
-(If it’s cosplay) The name of the character and series
-Name of person in picture
-The name of the photgrapher (if you feel it’s needed)
-Whether or not you agree to the Terms and Agreements and contest rules.
-The image attached (please no smaller than 300×400 pixels!)


1. The costume was made by you (meaning you made the majority of it).
2. The model in the picture must be informed of and okay with his/her picture appearing in the magazine.
3. You accept that your entry may be used both in the magazine and for promotional purposes as well.
4. If you are under 18, you must have parental permission to enter.
By entering, it means that you have read and agreed to the rules. These rules are subject to change, so make sure to check for updates. ^^


December 31, 2009
Sorry, late entries will not be accepted (though the deadline may be extended if need be).


If no prizes are donated, they will be as follows:
1st Place: Costume featured on the cover, $20 gift card to Jo-Ann Fabrics, & a copy of CMM Issue 3
2nd Place: $10 gift to Jo-Ann Fabrics & a copy of CMM Issue 3
3rd Place: A copy of CMM Issue 3

Spread the Word

We’d love it if you helped us to spread the word about the contest! By copying and pasting the code below, you’ll get a banner the looks like this and links back to this page:

Thank you!