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Preview: Issue 2

Posted by lina

Here’s a preview of what will be inside Issue 2 of Costume Maker Magazine. It is going through the process of printing right now, so hopefully it will be finished soon! Read on to see the contents..


History and Fantasy, From Head to Toe

Anastasia King: Our Contest Winner
by Kat Rich

Paper Dolls
Historical paper dolls with a sense of fashion & humor
by Lisa Perrin

How to Make Fabric Fairy Wings
by JoEllen

How to Put on Elf Ears
by Paul and Michael Beilaczye

Tipping Your own Corset Bones
by Samantha Lemieux

How to Make a Hand Flower
by Selina Zawacki

When Sunshine Wasn’t Fashionable
by Dina Kerik

by Contest Winners

Chainmail: European 1 into 4 Mail
by Dylon Whyte

Simple Cloak Making Guide
by Elandria Broughton-Sheard


Convention Coverage: Animazement’s Cosplay Scene: 2008
Brittney “Chiki” Fischer

Convention Coverage: Anime Central 2008
Deziree Larson


How to Style a Spiky Wig

How to Make a Keyblade
Ginger Anne

And more!

Here are a couple of sample pages :D


Printing for Issue 2 has Begun

Posted by lina

Issue 2 is currently going throught the process of printing! (The process being printing proofs and making corections until the final printing can begin.) Updates will be added when Issue 2 is almost finished printing and when it completely finished and ready to purchase. Thank you to everyone for all your support and patience!