Listing of Costume Shops (Add Yours!)

Posted by lina

Occasionally I receive emails through my Costume Maker Magazine email asking whether I can do commissions or help with making something for a costume. I think that people get confused and don’t take the time to find out this is actually a website for a magazine for costume makers, not a website of costume commissioners. xD Instead of telling them a few keywords that may aid them in a google search, I thought it’d be more helpful if there was a listing of costume shops I could refer them to.

I made a page just for that, with a nifty table telling if a shop does props/commissions/etc and what type of shop it is. It can be found under the “Resource” tab on our site or through this link. :D Shops that sell costume/sewing supplies can be listed as well (such as corset boning, patterns, etc).

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