New Features and Updates

Posted by lina

Have you seen the User Profiles lately? They’ve finally got all the features I mentioned it the Website v3! update, plus a few more!

User Profiles now contain:

-User picture, Information and About section in the top section
-Most recent blog entry
-Most recently submitted costumes
-The ability for other users to comment on any other user’s profile

You can see an example of all of these in action here :D

I’m still trying to change it so that a user’s profile url will be somthing like “costumemakermagazine.com/username” instead of “costumemakermagazine.com/user/#”, but that may take a whil yet. :3

To edit your profile information, just go to your account (the quickest way is to click “My account” in the right hand navigation bar) and click the tab in the top-left that says “User Profile.” I hope everyone enjoys the new features!

In other News

The deadline for the Contest (August 1st) is soon approaching, and most likely will not be extended. Makes sure to get your entries in before it’s too late!

Content for the magazine and advertisers are very appreciated and are still being accepted as of now. More information can be found at the respective links!

That’s it for now. Thanks for being so patient with the website!

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